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At Weiner Law Group LLP, our collective knowledge, skill and experience form the foundation for the outstanding legal services that our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers and certified matrimonial attorneys provide, and enable us to partner closely with our clients to build on their success.

Since 1988, the New Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP have committed all of our resources toward one goal – to build on our client’s success by providing outstanding service, experienced counsel, innovative strategies and a focused advocacy. Our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers strive to go the extra mile in everything we do, from negotiating a favorable settlement to defending clients against a high profile claim.

Divorce Lawyers

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The choice to seek the dissolution of a marriage can be a difficult decision, especially when children are involved. The New Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP hope to make the path easier for you and your children. Our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces, and are experienced in handling high net worth cases.. – Read More

Alimony Attorneys

When considering a divorce, it’s not uncommon for the spouse who was not earning income to have anxiety over their financial future. Alimony was created to help the financially dependent spouse receive an income to support their standard of living.  Our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers are well versed to properly advocate for our clients in all areas of alimony. – Read More

Child Custody Lawyers

One of the most important issues any parent faces in a Divorce, or Paternity case is that of child custody and visitation.  Our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers ensure that our client’s child custody matter moves smoothly through the process.   Our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers will fight for your rights as a parent and will always work towards the best interest of your children.  – Read More

Child Support Lawyers

When you have a child, both parties are responsible for raising and providing for that child.  Financial support is a right of the children, and a responsibility shared by both parents.  Our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers assist residents with the establishment of child support, and with modifications or enforcement of child support orders.  – Read More

Division of Assets and Liabilities Lawyers

The division of marital assets is one of the most complicated areas of divorce.  The valuation of marital property and discovery of nonmarital interests can present a host of challenges.  Our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers have the experience to identify important valuation issues, and have the resources to build evidence-based arguments for our New Jersey clients.  – Read More

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

The one way to protect your finances for the future is by hiring our qualified and dedicated New Jersey Divorce Lawyers to draft a strong prenuptial agreement before you and your loved one are married.  Having a Prenup is important to protect yourself, while providing for your spouse in the event you separate. Our dedicated New Jersey Divorce Lawyers will also assist in the reviewing and negotiation of prenuptial agreements for New Jersey clients.  – Read More

Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is a term that refers to violent threats or actions between two people involved in a domestic relationship.  Our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers are prepared to help.  Whether you are dealing with abuse at home, during the divorce process, or are facing charges, you need a team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to guide you in the right direction.  – Read More

The experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP are dedicated to helping New Jersey residents navigate their path in Family Law.  Contact our New Jersey Divorce Lawyers located in Parsippany to schedule an appointment.  Let our dedication and knowledge of family law help you.

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